Our E-Design Process:


1.         Read

I read over your Design Questionnaire that you so lovingly filled out with all your decor

desires. I decode your décor language and make a road map of where I need to take

your e-Design and determine your décor destination- I learned how to do this in college

and through years of experience.

2.         View

I look at the pictures of your room that you sent me and take more notes on what is

working, what maybe isn't working and what are some of the challenges in the space.

3.         Measure

I look over your drawings and translate your sketches into a professional looking

furniture plan. Because it all starts with a plan. One that will make you famous for your

home tours.

4.         Furniture

After all the walls and all the other important details like windows, outlets, etc. are set in

the space plan I can now go about and find the right pieces of furniture to layout in your

space based on your questionnaire answers. At this point I will have such a good vision

of who you are from your design questionnaire, your sketches and your pictures that I

go shopping on the web for each item in your space that will be just perfect in your

room.  I pick furniture templates from my expansive collection and put them in my

design program and figure out what makes your space feel just perfect inside - warm,

comfortable and relaxing (this truly is an art form) all while making each piece fit within

your measurements. (No more oopsies!) During this process you will have access to the

selections I have chosen for you, and you can comment on them- tell me what you love

or don’t love, and I can modify them as we both work together through the design

process- sometimes the first set of selections is perfect, sometimes it takes a few

selections before we find the perfect match. (This is where the time frame all depends

on you- no pressure!)

5.         Design

Once you have approved all the items in the design I put all the selections made from

step number 4 (on our shared site) into what we designers call “Moodsheets” so you

can see how everything will look together. You're going to love seeing your room look

like how it was always supposed to look!

6.        List

All while I am finding each perfect piece for your room, I record every important detail

about it. Like its item number, color, price, I make sure I have all the details about it so I

can reference that for you on your e-decorating mood board. So when you are already

to go shopping, you can click right over to the store to buy it.

7.         To Do List

The prioritized to-do list to tell you how to put your room together. No need to worry

your pretty little head over those annoying but very important details. Wonder no more

about what to do next. Just follow the simple instructions and you will have your perfect

room done.

8. Show it Off

Snap a few pictures and send them to me so I can show everyone else how beautiful

your new space is (and make them envy your design)! It doesn’t matter if you send them

tomorrow or two years from now, we all want to see your completed design!


Step 5: The package that you purchased will be delivered to you.

Timeline: Within practically no time (usually two weeks) of your e-Design project

starting, I will be sending you a completed project for your room. Please note this

timeline all depends on you, and your time schedule – the sooner I get all the

information I need from you (the questionnaire, the pictures, and the sketches you

drew) the sooner I can get started on your design!