In addition to having written several books, Krystin also teaches aspiring Designers the basics of Interior Design, What it takes to start your own business, how to master social media, and what you need on your website to make your dream of a successful interior design business into a reality. Krystin will coach you through every step turning your passion for interior design into a career.

In this e-course I teach both aspiring and veteran Interior Design Bosses how to use technology to start or run their business successfully.

I started my coaching business in 2014 because I saw a need for business guidance amongst fellow interior designers. Especially when it came down to the nitty-gritty details of how to run and operate their business, it was quite a struggle for new boss’s to juggle both their design clients, their projects and in addition to building a website, setting up social media, writing privacy terms and conditions, making business plans, or developing welcome packets for their clients- no one had time for all that research, they were too busy making their client’s homes beautiful!

You could hire someone to do all this research for you, but now you don’t have to! Since I am an Interior Designer, and I started my own interior design business in 2011, I muddled through all the yucky parts of building a business, and thought to myself, why couldn’t all this information be in one location, that any designer could find, to help simplify this whole thing!? Then, that light bulb popped on over my head, “I’ve got it! I’ll document all the things that I am doing, and host them all in one location, so anyone who is starting out their Interior Design Business will be able to do this quickly and easily!”

Maybe you’ve had an established business for a while, but with all the technological advances made in the industry, you should really know the basics of how to use the internet to promote your own design services. As more and more Designers take to the web to find their clients, their clients are also looking for them. So why wouldn’t you want to know the best ways to reach your ideal clients?