How to Decorate Your Tree

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There are many ways to decorate a christmas tree, here is a step by step guide on how to make your tree great:

  1. Start with the lights. Wrap the lights around the tree from the top to the bottom in equal distances if your tree will be visible from most sides. If you are tucking your tree into the corner of a room I suggest you string your lights back and forth down the tree in a zigzag pattern to save on lights, your electric bill, and the condition of your walls.

  2. Secondly- the ribbon. You can get creative with your ribbon choices- maybe your prefer to go more rustic and use a natural element like popcorn or cranberries, or maybe you prefer something a little more glamorous like a sequin ribbon string. Or maybe you would rather decorate with faux poinsettias or cranberry bunches- which ever type of “ribbon” you prefer, refer to the diagram on the right for a visual on what type of ribbon you would prefer.  

  3. Thirdly- the ornaments. Try grouping the more simple ornaments together in sets of three. This way the ornaments will look more full . If you are going to display a collection, spread the ornaments out across your tree in an even distance from one another.

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Great Christmas Tree Alternatives

Christmas trees are such a significant part of celebrating Christmas and yet there are a thousand different ways to decorate a tree (or tree substitute). When you have a small space, or not enough space to have a tree in your home, try a tree substitute!

1. Try using logs nailed to a wall in the shape of a tree. Start with the longest log on the bottom and the shortest log on the top to give that tree shape, and nail each log horizontally. This saves trees worldwide! 

2. You could even use a old frame and nail Christmas ornaments to a cork board inside the frame in the shape of a tree. This is an easy project to take down once the season is over.

3. Place a few nails on the wall in the shape of a tree. Place a nail at each point where your tree line will adjust course. String a few pieces of yarn or ribbon from one nail to another until you have a tree shape made of ribbons!  

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