How to Choose the Best Fabric for Your Sofa


How To Choose The Best Fabric For Your Sofa

If you have pets or children, you know they can be messy, and you need a fabric that can hold up to some serious wear and tear. You will need a fabric that is easy to clean, and won't show stress or stains. Below is a list of fabrics that will do just that, and are perfect for sofa upholstery:

● Synthetic Fiber (ultrasuede, microfiber)  is great for almost any family. It's synthetic so the sun won't damage it, but it is also durable and is easy to clean. 

● Leather or faux leather (especially distressed) is great for hiding scratch marks and makes for an easy to clean surface, especially with any spills that might happen.

● Outdoor fabrics (ie. sunbrella) are designed to withstand a lot of abuse and are often already chemically treated with stain repellents so spilling won't be an issue. Since outdoor fabrics are often made of synthetic fibers it also will resist fading from the sun. 

Designer Tip: Read the fabric labels! You’ll want a fabric with a W for cleaning, which means soap and water- one of the easiest ways of cleaning.

Designer Tip: It's also best to choose a small pattern to help hide any dog/cat hair and to hide any permanent stains.

Designer Tip: Pick a fabric color that is close to your pet’s hair color to help camouflage the upholstery.

Cleaning Tip: There are also many fabric protector options such as scotch guard which help repel stains.


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