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25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Remodel Your Home

Here are a list of Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Remodel Your Home:

1. How long do you plan on staying in your home? (This will help you determine your scope of work and if it is worth it)

2. Who is the decision maker? (There can only be one!)

3. Who lives in your home, and what hobbies do these people enjoy? (Think about storage)

4. Do you have pets? What Kind? (Think about what materials you will use)

5. Do you entertain alot (Keep this in mind when purchasing a dining table)

6. Are you more casual or formal?

7. What are your family's regular activities/hobbies?

8. Do you travel often? If you do, do you collect anything from your travels that you would like to show?

9. What do you like about your home?

10. What do you not like about your home?

11. Do you have a favorite furniture piece, artwork, or accessory that you want to include in your redesign?

12. What place inspires you? (Think Hotel, Museum, etc. or an image you may have found on Pinterest, Houzz, etc)

13. Does everyone in the house have the same taste? 

14. What mood would you like to create in your home? (Use one word or phrase)

15.  What Colors do you love?

16. What colors do you hate?

17. What patterns do you like (if any)?

18. What patterns do you not like (if any)? (Maybe Grandma's Florals?)

19. Do you like wallpaper? (Be sure to check out the modern advancements in wallpaper- it's not like Grandma's floral wallpaper anymore!)

20. Where do you like to shop for home goods?

21. What kind of window treatments (blinds, shutters, drapery, sheers, roller shades) will you need (if any)? (Think about privacy, light control, decorative window treatments)

22. What type of flooring will you be using? Wood? Tile? Carpet? Will you need a rug?

23. What kind of art do you like the most?

24. What is your budget?

25. What is your timeline?


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