Why you should work with a Professional Photographer for your Vacation Rental

You've probably heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to vacation rentals! Often times people who are booking your home rarely even read the description before looking at the photos. So why would you upload amateur photos with bad lighting, terrible composition, or even rubbish in the photo? Photos are designed to appeal to you potential booking, not deter them. Working with a professional photographer can help increase the chances of someone booking your home versus another home in the same area, putting cash in your wallet. 

I had the pleasure of working with Tori McPherson of VVR Marketing, based out of San Diego, CA who photographed my home. She was professional, quick, and has a great eye for detail and amazing composition of each photo, making the entire experience feel fun and relaxed.


 Here is what Tori had to say about her experience: “On our first project Krystin went above and beyond to make sure the space had enough variety to provide the photographers dream interior design shoot. She is well studied at interior design, very professional to work with, and she can make the California style come to life in any space. She is very sweet, genuine, and creative. Definitely my first choice for interior designers in San Diego!”


Here are some more photos from our photo shoot: 



This photo is one of my personal favorites that Tori took. The composition of this photo is created by using a rule in photography called golden section of symmetry which draws your attention into the photo. It is also well lit and makes this room feel warm and inviting. 


Tori was able to get the entire living room seating area in one shot, turning my rather drab grey sofa into a lively looking component of this room. 


in my living room, I was going for a fun but relaxed Californian vibe with linen pillows, palm photos, and accessories which Tori captures perfectly. 


it’s always fun to be able to mix up bedding, pillows, art and accessories to create an entirely new and unique space. We kept the headboard, and some of the basic bedding, but made it a slightly more feminine room with dusty pink colors and gold accessories.


This is my living room wall with a built-in bookshelf and our music station with a record player and a rather extensive collection of records stored under the player on this console table.  


These statues are one of favorite accessories because they have a personal connection for me. My great grandmother made these. I also have a set of zebras that my grandmother made. I love their unique shapes and their antiqued ceramic surfaces. 


And that’s me!

I hate having my photo taken, it makes me nervous (I get sweaty palms and all!) but Tori did a great job of not only capturing the room I was sitting in, but also capturing my personality in this smile (she always makes me laugh!). I am so thankful to have such a wonderful photographer who is able to bring my home to life in these professionally curated photos. Check out the tab “portfolio” to see more photos! 


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