Types of Light Bulbs to Consider using in Your Home

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Bulb Shapes:

Silver Bowl: Metallic finish on the top half of the bulb softens the light. A great solution for overheads with exposed bulbs especially if there isn't a dimmer.

Soft Pink: Emits a gorgeous rosy glow, perfect for mood lighting since its coloring looks great on your skin.

Round Chandelier: These bulbs look great in an open chandelier.

Edison Bulb: Visible Filament bulbs give a soft warm glow since they are low wattage and look great hung on their own.


Bulb Types:

Incandescent: White Light, Low Voltage (12-24), and they require transformers.

Fluorescent: (CFL's) greater energy and longer life than incandescent. These also come in rope lighting and cove lighting which are great for under the cabinet lighting.

Halogen: Offer bright white light which is good for task or accent lighting. These are usually low voltage, but do put off some heat.


Best Wattage for each situation:

40-50W: Reading

50-70W: Staring at a Computer

70-80W: Putting on Makeup


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Types of Lighting to Consider for your Home

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Lighting is essential when picking everything from fabrics to finishes.


Below is a list of all the different types of light fixtures:

  • Recessed Down Lights

  • Pendant Lights

  • (Semi and Full) Surface-mounted Lights

  • Wall Sconces

  • Chandeliers

Common Questions:

At what height do I hang my light fixture?

Chandeliers over a dining table: 34-36" from the top of the table or 30" if the light is semi-flush (to the bottom of the light).

Chandelier over a kitchen island should be hung 75" from the floor or 28-34" from the countertop to the bottom of the light.

What is the best size light for my space?

Take the length of 2 (out of the 4 walls) in a room, measured in feet (round to the nearest half foot) and add the measurements together. This is the size of a chandelier you should consider in your room.    


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My Favorite Lighting


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