What to put in your Guest’s Welcome Basket

When including gifts for your guests in your welcome basket, be sure that you ask your guests of any food restrictions or allergies if you plan to purchase an edible gift. You can also ask your guests what the occasion for their trip is; perhaps a honeymoon? Maybe roses and champagne would be a nice gift, or perhaps if it is a family vacation, maybe a coloring book for the kids. Try to think of what you could provide (for minimal expense). The more thoughtful the gift, the more likely you are to get an extra positive review!

So, what goes into a perfect vacation rental welcome basket?  It combines both practical and personal items. Let’s take a look at the best items you can include!



Many people are self proclaimed coffee-fiends. So providing a coffee maker, or coffee pod dispenser could be essential is reaching that “superhost” status. The higher end your property is, the higher end your coffee machine and coffee brand should be. Provide plenty of coffee mugs for your guests as well in addition to creamers, sugar, stirrers, etc. 

If you opt for shower supplies, make sure they are gender-neutral. Shampoo, Condition, and Body Wash are optional, since most people will bring their own, but it is all about the thoughtful gestures here. Consider what type of products you are providing as well, some people may be allergic to certain chemicals in the options you provide. 



All travelers like these types of items. You can add artisan chocolate or a typical cheese from the area. Honey, jam or traditional pasta, etc. What is your town known for? Not everything has to be edible! You can also include handmade soaps, candles or similar things to enjoy once they are back at home. You can even think about partnering with other local businesses to provide these items as part of your welcome pack! Think about what makes your house unique, and what you love about the city or town you are in, and try to come up with something that is gender-neutral, that any guest could enjoy. (Food is my personal go-to for suggestions, because everyone’s gotta eat!)

It’s also a nice touch to provide a handwritten card welcoming your guest to your home.

You can place your welcome book inside your welcome basket as an added touch of originality as well!

This is an example of a creative way of displaying a gift for your guests- this host is providing sunglasses in Sunny San Diego for their guests! The glasses are only $3 each, but they are very thoughtful, and will help give this host a 5 star review!

This is an example of a creative way of displaying a gift for your guests- this host is providing sunglasses in Sunny San Diego for their guests! The glasses are only $3 each, but they are very thoughtful, and will help give this host a 5 star review!


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What to put in Your Welcome Book

Every vacation rental should have a welcome book!

First, what is a welcome book? It includes everything guests may want to know about your home, the area, the town, the city, the history, current events, trendy or new spots, transportation, places of interest, restaurants (best local pizza, best happy hour, late night food, etc.). It may seem like a lot of effort, but remember you’ll only have to provide this written information once – then you can reuse it for all your future guests. This is also a moment for you to reflect on fond memories of the house or the area your home is in. With these tips, you can now create a welcome pack that will leave your guests impressed and excited about their stay.

Don’t forget that presentation is important – Do not place a bunch of posters or papers all over a corkboard, this looks messy and as if your suggestions were an after thought for your guests, which you never want your guests to feel. You want to amaze your guests!


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How to make your Guests Feel at Home

How to make your guests feel at home.jpg

Since our homes are often filled with family and friends for the holidays, likely the hardest part of making your home feel welcoming to guests is finding the motivation to get started. I get it. Life gets busy, and preparing your guestroom is probably the last thing on your mind.

Often times people travel for the holidays and stay with friends and family. As a host you want your home to look beautiful, and welcoming to your overnight guests.  Here are a few helpful hints to remember when preparing for guests:

The Prep Work


Do your best to de-clutter the room so your guests feel comfortable moving around the space. Check out our e-book “How to Organize and Declutter Your Home” for more help with this!   


Clean thoroughly. Clean the surface. Then, clean deeper. Give extra attention to corners and windows and hard-to- reach areas.


Just like in the bathroom, make clean and bright your goal. If you’ve successfully removed a good portion of personal possessions, you’ll find this task far easier to complete.

Give your bathroom the attention it deserves. Put away personal hygiene products. Scrub bathtubs, toilets, and shower walls. Make clean and bright your goal.

Bathroom Needs- Make sure whatever bathroom your guests are using is well stocked with toiletries and easy for them to use and replace if needed. It’s also nice to have extra toothbrushes, hair ties, toothpaste, etc. for guests who might have forgotten these items. Also, be sure to have plenty of towels and washcloths.  


Have a light on the nightstand next to the bed for those people who may be “night owls” or perhaps may need to get up during the night.

Lots of pillows and bedding: keep sheet sets together by placing a neatly folded set inside its matching pillowcase or, for a pretty and functional detail, tie the whole set with ribbon.

Provide a place for guests to unpack. Having an empty dresser is nice, but if that’s not possible or not something you want to encourage with your guests, be sure to leave some empty floor space or a resting place for your guests to easily open their luggage.

Provide privacy. This means doors, window treatments, etc. to help make the room more private.

Temperature controls- whether you provide a fan or heater (depending on where you live), be sure your guests are comfortable.


Kitchen utensils- including enough silverware for you and your family, but also enough for your guests too. Nothing's worse than running around your kitchen trying to find your guest a clean fork.


If your guests are staying with you during your normal work week, it’s always nice to have a copy of your key made so they can come and go as they please.

To entertain your guests while you are at work or otherwise unable to entertain your guests yourself, I suggest making a list of local tourist attractions, or a list of your favorite local spots so they have something to do while you are away.


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How To Decorate Your Home for the Holidays E-Book

Hi there everyone! I am going to shamelessly plug myself for this weeks blog post, so here it goes!

Since the Holiday season is upon us, and I bet there are many of my readers who are hosting family or friends at their home, I wanted to remind you of two e-books that I wrote:

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These books are a very quick read with some visuals and some great ideas that you may not have thought about. We all know everyone gets very busy around this time of year, so grab one of my e-books today and take a little stress off your shoulders, and show your friends and family how much of a festive hostess you could be! 


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