What to put in Your Welcome Book

Every vacation rental should have a welcome book!

First, what is a welcome book? It includes everything guests may want to know about your home, the area, the town, the city, the history, current events, trendy or new spots, transportation, places of interest, restaurants (best local pizza, best happy hour, late night food, etc.). It may seem like a lot of effort, but remember you’ll only have to provide this written information once – then you can reuse it for all your future guests. This is also a moment for you to reflect on fond memories of the house or the area your home is in. With these tips, you can now create a welcome pack that will leave your guests impressed and excited about their stay.

Don’t forget that presentation is important – Do not place a bunch of posters or papers all over a corkboard, this looks messy and as if your suggestions were an after thought for your guests, which you never want your guests to feel. You want to amaze your guests!


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