Front Door & Entry Tips for Vacation Rentals

Front doors and entry ways are the first impression your guests will get of your home. Make sure it has a clean doormat with a working light. Consider the condition and color of your door as well- does it need new paint? Maybe a pop of color so it draws more attention? What looks best in the photo of the entry? Should you add a plant for some color and texture? These are all things to consider when addressing the front door, since this will be your guest’s first impression of you, your home, and what the rest of their experience will be like. 

Make sure there is an area to “drop” everything a guest will have with them by the front door (luggage, cellphone, keys, hats, jackets, etc.). You want your guests to have somewhere to set everything while they take a look around and explore their room options and get themselves orientated with their new surroundings (without lugging everything with them, and possibly damaging the walls, doors, rugs, trim, etc. of your home). This could include a console table, with a bowl for keys, a coat rack to hang jackets and hats, maybe even somewhere to leave their shoes. This is also a good place to leave any directions for your guests (key codes, directions, suggestions, etc.) since they will pass this area everytime they leave the house. 


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Entry room concept

Red rug

Garden patio decor

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Red toss pillow

Ceramica Pinto 4 Clover Tiles
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