How to Style Bookshelves


This is one of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get! Here are my suggestions:

If you have multi colored books, you could organize them by color to give a fun pop to your bookshelves. 

Try grouping objects together. Display a collection: collect objects that are the same color, style, or shape and place them together in a group. Its best to group it in odd numbers (3,5,7,etc)  Place objects together based on size; the tallest in the back, the medium height in the middle, and the shortest in the front.

Layer Objects- Placing a vase on top of a book with a picture frame is a great way to layer objects. Or placing an orb with a small box on top of a stack of books is also a great way to layer objects. Regardless of how you choose to layer objects, just keep the rule of odd numbers in mind.

Arrange objects by size- When you arrange objects on a shelf, arrange them in groups by height. The tallest objects should almost visually connect (think of it like a connect the dots that move like a snake back and forth up the bookshelf)   


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