Bathroom Decor Tips for Your Vacation Rental


Give your bathroom the attention it deserves. Put away personal hygiene products. Scrub bathtubs, toilets, and shower walls. Make clean and bright your goal. I can not stress this enough- the level of cleanliness of your bathroom will be a key factor into your reviews. Provide at least two body towels, one hand, and one face towel for each guest. Make sure you also provide essential toiletries like hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. You should also provide a blow-dryer for your guests (one in every full bathroom). While it’s not necessary, it’s nice to provide your guest with toiletries they may have forgotten: toothbrush, toothpaste, Q-tips, cotton balls, etc. Should you choose to provide shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, consider travel sizes are best for new guests- this also can create a fond memoir when a guests leave your space and uses the products again during another trip, reminding them of your vacation rental, and possibly sparking repeat bookings. 

Your bathroom supplies should be easy to find and be full/new. Do not leave your previous guests half filled shampoo bottle in the shower- this will only remind your new guest that there was someone here before them. And while that is true, they do not need to be reminded of this fact. You would never see this happen in a quality hotel, so why would it be acceptable in your vacation rental? It’s almost on the same par as leaving hair in the shower. Eww!

 It’s also a great idea to provide your bathrooms with accessories that match (Tissue cover, trash can, canister, soap dish, etc.) as labels cause a visual distraction. Providing accessories that match gives a clean cohesive look. Just think about your favorite high-end hotel, they don’t leave out their tissue boxes with labels all over it, so why should you?


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The Two Types of Shower Systems To Consider in Your Bathroom

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There are two types of Shower systems: Electric and Thermostatic Mixers.

Electric Showers take water from the main cold water line and heats the water. This option is best for households with families or where there is a limited hot water supply.

Thermostatic Mixer Showers require no pump and have a faster flow of water and provides the safest shower system.


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Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Tile

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There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right material for your bathroom including the following:


Ceramic Tile: made of clay

Glass Tile: made of glass and often made in a mosaic (small tiles) which are usually sold on a sheet

Stone Tile: Natural material quarried from the earth

Porcelain Tile: Porcelain is a manufactured material made of a composite of natural stones


Average Pricing:

Flooring: $9.25/sf

Wall Tile: $5.90/sf


There are so many options when it comes to tile layouts, here are just a few common ones:

  • Offset (½ or in ⅓’s)

  • Straight set (aka: stacked or grid pattern)

  • Herringbone

  • Chevron

  • Basket Weave

  • Soldier Course

Designer Tip: I highly suggest hiring a professional tile installer! You would not believe how many times I have seen homeowners in tears because they spent a fortune on their tile, only to have to rip it all out and start over because they tried to install the tile themselves without knowing what was best for their home. If you plan on installing the tile yourself make sure you use the correct thinset or mastic so that the tile doesn’t “slip” down the wall, and talk to a professional about your installation options.  


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The Best Dimensions for Your Bathroom

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To ensure your bath  is functional, comfortable, and safe, use the following dimensions - all of which are suggested minimums unless otherwise noted.

Doorway: 32" Wide

Walkways: at least 36" Wide

Shower: 34"x34" Wide (36"x36" is better)

Tub Controls: 30-34" above the bottom of the tub

Shower Controls: 77-81" from the shower floor

Height of Shower Seat: 17”-19”

Depth of Shower Seat: 15”

Height of Grab Bars (in a shower): 33”-36”

Robe Hook: 60" Height

Vanity Sconces: 60”-72” Height

Distance between sconces (for optimal lighting): 36"-40" Wide

Vanity Height: 30-32" is average , but if you a tall person 34-42" might be better suited for you needs.

Sinks: 15-18" from the center of the sink to the side wall, 36" is best (center to center) from one sink to another sink, and 8" from the edge of a sink and the end of the counter for landing space.

Backsplash: Allow 8" or more from the top of the countertop and the bottom of the medicine cabinet or mirror.

Pedestal Sink: 32-36" Height

Toilet Paper Holder: 26” Height

Distance from Toilet to TP Holder: 8” - 12”from edge to edge

Toilet: 16" from the center of the toilet to an obstruction (cabinet/fixture, etc). Toilet seats are usually 17"-19” above the floor.

Towel Bar: 36" Wide Space, 48" above the floor.


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Things to Consider when Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Bathrooms are the one room in the house that have the highest injury rate because, when wet, they can be a very dangerous space. But there are many preventions you can make by assessing your Bathrooms Safety with this checklist:


🔳 Slip Resistant Flooring

🔳 Eliminate any steps

🔳 Shatterproof Glass

🔳 Pressure-balanced, temperature control valves

🔳 Bench inside the shower (not necessary but helpful)

🔳 Emergency Shut off for Whirlpool Tubs

🔳 Ground Fault Circuit interrupters on electrical outlets (usually a small red label GFC)

🔳 Cabinet Locks (if desired or necessary)


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