Top 5 Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Small Spaces such as a “Granny Flat” or an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) and even the current trend of “Tiny Houses”, have limited storage options, so making the most of the space you have will be key to creating a functionable space.

1. There are many storage solutions that can have multiple functions, such as the bed below from Design Within Reach, called the Nest Storage Bed. It not only functions as a bed frame, but it also is a great place for hidden storage. This way your space won’t look messy or cluttered, and only you will know what’s hiding under your bed.

DWR Nest Storage Bed.jpg

2. Perhaps you love your bed, and don’t want to replace it? No problem! Consider using under bed storage solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing such as these modern weave under bed storage baskets from West Elm.

3. There are even multi-functional furniture options such as this urban sleeper sectional sofa from West Elm which, as you might have guessed, converts from a sofa into a bed, saving you tons of space by having a bed that can fold into another piece of furniture, but it gets even better- the chaise that creates the sectional L shape, also has storage built-in, perfect for bedding!

4. Ottomans are also a great versatile piece of furniture- they can be used to sit on, put your feet up on, and this upholstered base storage ottoman from West Elm can even convert to a coffee table!

5. Coffee Tables are often one of the most underutilized pieces of furniture in a home as they are usually thought of as functional, however few are utilitarian like this Industrial Storage Pop-up Coffee Table from West Elm. Its converts from a coffee table into a dining table for two, AND it has storage! Now you’ll never lose that pesky remote again!


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