Your Complete Thanksgiving Planner Checklist

Thanksgiving can seem like such a crazy day, between getting the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and mashed potatoes prepared and on the table all while and making sure there are snack for everyone to munch on while they wait for the food to cook, and setting the table with your favorite dinnerware- you don't want to miss a thing. Below is a checklist from PopSugar that will help you keep everything in line and on track. 


Two Weeks Before

* Plan a Menu

* Decide what kind of turkey you will serve- fried, oven baked, pick-up, etc.


One Week Before  

* Make a Grocery List

* Plan Your Tablescape Setting

* Prepare your Kitchen (clean!)

*. Make a cooking Plan. I suggest using a list of what order each item needs to be prepared and put in the oven at in order for all the food to come out hot when you are ready to serve. How long did each recipe say it will take to make? Work your way back from the time you want to serve in order to determine when you should start cooking. 


The Monday Before

* Defrost the Turkey

* Make a Seating Chart (if you want one) 


The Tuesday Before

* Prepare any items you will need in adance. For instance the cranberry sauce, the pie dough, the bread for the stuffing, etc. 


The Wednesday Before

* Prep your side dishes: Chop Veggies, Peel Potatoes

* Pick up your Fresh Turkey

* Prep Appetizers


The Day Of

* Remove the Turkey from the Fridge

* Make the Appetizers

* While the turkey bakes, make the remaining side dishes according to your schedule. 

* Set the Table


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