Kitchen Decor Tips for Your Short Term Vacation Rentals

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, since most people gather in this location- so you want to make your short term rental’s kitchen is fully stocked!

Be sure you have the following items:

Dishes- (obviously), but make sure you have the correct quantity based on the amount of guests you are preparing for, and supply extras (2 is usually good) just in case some break, or if guests use dishes for more than 1 meal and need additional dishes.

Kitchen Utensils- including enough silverware for the amount of people who can sleep in your home, but also enough for additional guests too (2-4 additional settings).

Serving Utensils- You should have at least 1 large bowl and one large serving plate as well as serving utencils. (Think thanksgiving dinner).

Spices- provide the basic spices like salt and pepper, but also provide other spices for cooking with- this could be something local too!

Oils- provide cooking and frying oils such as olive oil, canola oil, etc.

Snacks- It’s best to provide items that are fairly universal, identifiable, and non-perishable. For instance crackers, cookies and chips are great options since they don’t go bad for a long time. However, unless you are providing a local favorite, don’t skimp and buy off-brand items, be sure to provide items that are fairly well known to the masses, such as Doritos, Cheetos, Chips Ahoy, etc.

Coffee- it’s almost a ritual in the US for many people in the morning to have their “cup of joe”, so be sure to provide options, and enough to last your guests for the length of their stay.

There are many items that are needed in the kitchen, so be prepared to spend a decent portion of your budget in this room when first setting up your vacation rental. Don’t worry, these expenses are usually a one time cost!  

When selecting the decor and accessories for your kitchen, there is a lot to remember, but if you purchase my e-book “How to Use Interior Design to Increase Your Vacation Bookings”, you can get a full list of all the items needed in your kitchen!


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The Best Mattresses

Best Mattresses.jpg

As you probably already know, mattress shopping is one of the most tedious tasks you could do for your home. Yet mattresses are also one of the most important items to purchase. Mattress’ provide you with a good night sleep,which is important for your health. We all have a story about a bed that we have slept in which gave us a bad night’s sleep- very similar to the story of Goldie-locks and the Three Bears who tried all the porridge to find the right one. Hotels know this better than everyone as their business is based around a good night sleep.

To help narrow down your mattress search, I’ve listed some of the best mattresses, which you can test out at home for a trial period!

SPRING MATTRESS: Luxury Firm Saatra Mattress. Why? Because of their:

  • HIGH-QUALITY-  Designed to provide perfect contouring comfort for a restful night’s sleep with advanced coil-on-coil construction and enhanced lumbar support.

  • AFFORDABLY PRICED— Experience a premium mattress without paying a premium price. No retail overhead = No markups. No gimmicks. No pushy salespeople.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY— Designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, with an organic cotton pillow top, recycled steel coils, an antimicrobial treatment, and a natural thistle flame retardant, Our Mattress has no chemical sprays, formaldehyde, so you can sleep worry-free.

  • RISK-FREE— 120-night trial, free shipping & setup, 15-year warranty, 24/7 Customer Service

MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS: Loom & Leaf Mattress. Why? Because of their:

  • QUALITY MATERIALS- Engineered with 4 layers including premium, high-density memory foam that provides support while contouring and conforming to your body.

  • SLEEPS COOL- The Designed to sleep cool with a non-toxic, proprietary cooling gel layer.

  • ECO FRIENDLY- Memory foam mattresses designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, with an organic cotton pillow top, eco-friendly foam, a natural thistle flame retardant, and an antimicrobial treatment.

  • UNMATCHED VALUE- By eliminating the overhead associated with retail stores, we were able to put in all of the luxury features found in premium mattresses. We could charge a lot more for the Loom & Leaf, but we prefer to pass the savings on to you.

  • SUPERIOR SERVICE- 120-night trial, free shipping & setup, 15-year warranty, 24/7 Customer Service


  • Made of cotton, in the USA.

  • Protects against allergens, dust mites, bacteria, perspiration, urine and fluids (15-Year Warranty)

  • 100% waterproof membrane with fitted sheet style design - Queen Size Mattress Protector - 60" x 80" fits up to 18" deep

  • Luna Airflow Technology allows air to circulate through the protector, but repels liquids

  • Hypoallergenic cotton terry surface is noiseless, will not change the feel of your mattress and naturally absorbs moisture

  • Great for asthma, eczema and allergy sufferers (every Luna mattress protector is sourced and made in USA)


Pillows are just as important as your selection of mattress. Standard Textile is one of the best companies I have found for pillow options. These pillows can be found in luxury hotels around the world, and are engineered for maximum comfort in all sleep positions. These are constructed with three chambers, no-shift construction provides comfort and support. Outer chambers contains hypoallergenic gel fiber, while the inner core is filled with sterilized duck feathers.


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How to Organize & Declutter Your Home

How To Organize and Declutter Your Home.jpg

Now that the holidays over, it’s time to focus on a new year and new beginnings, and what better way to start off the new year than with a clean slate- literally!

Check out my e-book HERE on Amazon for only 99 cents!

Here is what you will learn from this book:

  • How to Start

  • How to Make a Schedule

  • How to create a check-list

  • How, What and where to store important information

  • Ideas on how to start organizing and keep organized

  • How to clean up

  • How to create a command center (and even involve your kids- if you have any)


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How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays.jpg

Since the holiday are fast approaching us- check out my e-book How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays” available for purchase on Amazon for only 99 cents! Here are a few key tips straight from my book to help jump start your holidays this season:

How to Decorate your Home for the Holidays

Decorating can be the most overwhelming part of design because there are so many options, and so many ways to go wrong. What you need to decide is what style do you really want? Sometimes even deciding what your style is can be the hardest part. Don’t worry, I am here to help guide you, no matter what holiday you celebrate.

Pick a Color Scheme

To start decorating your space for the holidays I suggest you pick a color scheme.

Below are a few of my favorite color schemes:

● Red and/or Green

● All Neutrals

● Blue and White

Here is a bonus tip:

Smells like Christmas!

Scents are one of the strongest memories we have, so if you want your Christmas memory to be a good one, I highly recommend buying a few candles (something mellow like vanilla, or something seasonal like “Christmas Wreath”), room spray, or even making your own room scent (boil water, cinnamon sticks, vanilla sticks, and sliced oranges) so your home smells like Christmas. Baking cookies also gives the aroma of the holiday cheer which will fill your home. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, having a home that smells nice is always a good idea!

Here is one happy readers review:

Decorating Holidays Review.JPG


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Drapes versus Curtains

So this might seem funny, but drapes are meant for windows, while curtains are meant for bath tub/ shower stalls. Drapes are usually made of softer fabrics like linens, silks, etc. Curtains usually are made of plastics, and other durable materials. 

Check out some of my favorite drapes and curtains below:




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What types of Artwork should you put in your Home

What type of Artwork you should put in your home.jpg

There are many different types of artwork available for purchase from many different vendors including the following:

- Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor

- Photography

- Drawings: Pencil, Charcoal, Colored Pencils

- Print: Block Printing, Screen Printing,  

- Sculpture: Metal, Wood, Paper, - pretty much anything. 

Be sure to check out my previous blog posts:

My favorite places to shop for artwork!

The 5 Best Ways to Display Art

How to Use Art to Create a Color Pallete


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How to Organize and De-clutter your Home Part 3

How to De-clutter Your Home:

The best way that I have found is to clear a space- possibly in another room, on the floor and dump out all the pieces (maybe it’s just a few drawers? Maybe it’s the whole kitchen?).

Here is a starter list of things to get rid of:

  • Old or unread books and magazines

  • Expired Coupons

  • Outgrown Clothes

  • Expired Food

  • Mismatched or holey socks

  • Mismatched Storage Containers (having all the same type of storage containers makes it easier to stack on top of one another, creating more space)

  • Duplicate kitchen items

  • Expired Cleaning Supplies

  • Worn Towels

  • Worn Sheets

  • Broken Toys

  • Tools missing parts

  • Broken Jewelry

  • Old Mail

  • Expired Toiletries/Cosmetics

  • Unused Toiletries

  • Unused Toys/Sporting Equipment

Want to learn more? Get my e-book available on Amazon:




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How to Organize and Declutter Your Home Part 2

How to De-clutter Your Home

When you start to de-clutter a room, it can be very overwhelming. Don’t worry, we are going to take the and divide it into small sections. Start with one end of the room (Doesn’t matter where- Personally, I go left to right around the room from the entrance door, starting with the bottom section, then the middle section, and lastly the top section - I don’t know why, it’s just what I find easiest). Use the checklists in this step to decide what will stay and what will go.

Tip: Divide and Conquer: Shelf dividers will instantly begin to add order by providing “zones” for each set of items. You can improvise with these solutions as well. For instance I use desk organizers in my kitchen cabinets to help separate dishes. I also use over the door closet shoe organizers to hold cleaning supplies.  Search Pinterest to find the solution that would best work for your situation.

There are thousands of solutions to help you organize your home, it’s just a matter of personal preference and if these systems will fit in your space.


To learn more, check out my e-book, available on Amazon:




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How To Decorate Your Home for the Holidays E-Book

Hi there everyone! I am going to shamelessly plug myself for this weeks blog post, so here it goes!

Since the Holiday season is upon us, and I bet there are many of my readers who are hosting family or friends at their home, I wanted to remind you of two e-books that I wrote:

How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays (available on Amazon for $0.99!) and How to Make Your Guests Feel at Home (available on Amazon for $0.99!)

These books are a very quick read with some visuals and some great ideas that you may not have thought about. We all know everyone gets very busy around this time of year, so grab one of my e-books today and take a little stress off your shoulders, and show your friends and family how much of a festive hostess you could be! 


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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas


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My Favorite Brass Hardware


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My Favorite Pillows


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My Favorite Lighting


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My Favorite Kitchen Pendant Lights


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My Favorite Bohemian Chandeliers


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My Favorite Cement Tiles Under $20


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My Favorite White Paint

Here is another little change I am making to my blog- every Friday I will share with you some of my favorite products! 



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Click the image above to enroll now!

Click the image above to enroll now!

TODAY IS THE DAY! My e-course "Everything You Need To Know About Interior Design" Advise from an Interior Designer for the DIY Homeowner has officially launched! You can purchase the entire e-course for $97!

By signing up for our e-course you will have a lifetime access to our private facebook group where we host our Online Interior Design Coaching Program which is designed to empower clients and allow them to have access to great design from anywhere in the world. It is a way for you to become more engaged in the process, and learn a few things about what makes a well designed space feel so welcoming.

Please check it out and let me know if you have any feedback by leaving a comment below or sending me an email directly. 


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My favorite places to buy affordable art online

I have been asked "Where is the best place to get art for a decent price?" by several clients so I have put together this list of my favorite spots to shop for art and wall decor. This is by far my favorite part of the design process- art and accessories, because there are so many options and variety of sizes, shapes, color, and fabulous artists. So hope you enjoy all the little beauties in this collection!



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Affordable Area Rugs from Urban Outfitters

Affordable Area Rugs from Urban Outfitters

Great affordable rug options!


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