Top 5 Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Small Spaces such as a “Granny Flat” or an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) and even the current trend of “Tiny Houses”, have limited storage options, so making the most of the space you have will be key to creating a functionable space.

1. There are many storage solutions that can have multiple functions, such as the bed below from Design Within Reach, called the Nest Storage Bed. It not only functions as a bed frame, but it also is a great place for hidden storage. This way your space won’t look messy or cluttered, and only you will know what’s hiding under your bed.

DWR Nest Storage Bed.jpg

2. Perhaps you love your bed, and don’t want to replace it? No problem! Consider using under bed storage solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing such as these modern weave under bed storage baskets from West Elm.

3. There are even multi-functional furniture options such as this urban sleeper sectional sofa from West Elm which, as you might have guessed, converts from a sofa into a bed, saving you tons of space by having a bed that can fold into another piece of furniture, but it gets even better- the chaise that creates the sectional L shape, also has storage built-in, perfect for bedding!

4. Ottomans are also a great versatile piece of furniture- they can be used to sit on, put your feet up on, and this upholstered base storage ottoman from West Elm can even convert to a coffee table!

5. Coffee Tables are often one of the most underutilized pieces of furniture in a home as they are usually thought of as functional, however few are utilitarian like this Industrial Storage Pop-up Coffee Table from West Elm. Its converts from a coffee table into a dining table for two, AND it has storage! Now you’ll never lose that pesky remote again!


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Why quality furniture takes (so long!) 8+ weeks!

Why quality furniture takes 8+ weeks.jpg

This might surprise you, but often quality furniture can take 8 weeks or more to create and deliver. Some pieces can even take as much as 6 months! Shocking- I know, but let me explain. The main difference is in the quality of each element that goes into the manufacturing of all pieces used to make each furniture.  

For instance the construction of a sofa seat consists of many parts, but one of the main elements in a quality seat made with tempered springs, on an eight way tie, with both foam and down as the seat cushion. This eight way tieing is done by hand, which can take some time to accomplish. There are some lower quality furniture Manufacturers who will do a 5 way tie- this is not as high of a quality furniture pieces as the eight way, though it will take a little less time. 

If you are looking for a quality leather sofa, be sure you are looking at top grain leather. Genuine leather is a misleading label and often is the lowest quality of leather. Top grain leather is often dyed and usually by hand, so this also takes some time. 

The frame of a quality furniture piece will be made with kiln dried wood. Why? Because if you build a piece of furniture that has been made with almost any other treated wood, it will most likely bow and change shape over time as moisture escapes the wood over time. when wood is kiln dried it is highly unlikely it will warp or change shape since all the moisture has been removed from the wood. This process can take several days or even weeks depending on the type of wood.

Drawers and corners of furniture that are made with a detail called dovetailing are only found in quality pieces of furniture. Often lower quality manufacturers will simply nail and glue the corners of their furniture together because it takes less time and costs them less to manufacturer. The only problem is, the furniture pieces don’t last as long. 

There are several other elements that make a quality piece of furniture, but these are some of the easiest elements to be able to see when you are shopping for furniture. That being said, be aware that all of these quality elements are usually hand made, and take time. Because these elements take time and skilled personnel to make them, they will take a longer period of time to make.  

Designer Tip: Don’t be mislead by labels! Simply because it has a higher price tag doesn’t mean the furniture is a quality piece. For instance Restoration Hardware, though is very good at advertising and has some amazing photographers, be aware that not all of their furniture is made with these quality manufacturing elements. that’s not to say that all of their furniture is crap either, but just keep an eye out for details like the ones I listed above to determine what is worth your time and money, and which is not. 


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Avoid Common Furniture Mistakes

How to avoid common furniture mistakes.jpg

Here is a list of common mistakes I see clients (before they hire me) make:

- window drapes are too short

- window drapes are mounted too low on the wall

- too short or too tall nightstands

- too short lamps

- Artwork is mounted too high on the wall

- artwork is too small or too large

- too many accessories

- under utilization of storage options

- ceiling lighting is too small

- too trendy

the list goes on, but these are some of the most common mistakes I see clients making. If you would like to better understand how to avoid these mistakes, check out my e-book "Everything You Need to Know About Interior Design" on Amazon and you will get every little "secret" I have on making your home mistake-free! Click HERE for my e-book.     



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Whats the difference between a Barstool and a Counterstool?

I get asked this question alot, so let me first explain that the main difference between a barstool and a counterstool, is that barstools are taller than counterstools. Counterstools are meant for seating at a counter (often in the kitchen), barstools are meant for seating at a bartop which is higher than a countertop. 

Devi Barstool

Devi Barstool

Devi Counterstool

Devi Counterstool


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How to know the difference between a cocktail table and a coffee table

Ever wondered what Designers or people in the furniture business are talking about when they say "It's not a coffee table, its a cocktail table"? It's really very simple. Cocktail Tables are round, and Coffee Tables are square or rectangular.

Here are just a few of my favorite cocktail tables:

And here are a few of my favorite coffee tables:

Want to know the best dimensions of a coffee (or cocktail) table?  See my blog post: Best Height for your Coffee Table for more info.    


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Find Your Local Furniture Company

I recently stummbled upon this awesome website- no matter where you are located, this website will find local furniture companies nearest you which includes a descriptions with what each store offers! Check it out by clicking on the link below:


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