The 3 Most Popular Design Styles in San Diego

According to Redfin, there are three main styles that are most popular in San Diego this year:


The iconic ranch architecture is known for its single-story, low-to-the-ground look, often with an open layout and occasional split level. A ranch can also be called a ‘rambler,’ depending on which region in the country you live in and local terminology.

Looking locally, ranches made up a larger share of homes in Phoenix and Atlanta than any other area, with 36 percent of all listings sold claiming the style in both metros. Portland, Chicago, Denver, and San Diego similarly favored the rambler.

Not only were ranch homes the most popular style of home sold last year, but the style also tended to be more affordable.

Ranch style house.jpg


An innovative approach, including contemporary and modern homes, was most popular in California. Modern homes are similar to the contemporary style with a stricter style format. 

Modern homes typically include progressive elements such as asymmetrical exteriors, flat roofs, and integrated outdoor spaces. Many modern interiors also feature minimal molding and trim, neutral color palettes, and metal accents.

Both modern and contemporary homes sold at higher median prices than most other styles.

Modern House.jpg


Contemporary-style can inspire more variations than modern architecture, taking the lead styles for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland. These homes also prove to be the priciest, boasting large windows and dramatic exteriors.

Contemporary House.jpg
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