Humble Design : an amazing non-profit organization

I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours volunteering at an amazing non-profit organization that helps create homes for the homeless. I love being able to put my skills as a designer to good use. I have been looking for an organization that I could make an impact on my community and I think I found the perfect place!

The staff at @humbledesign is so kind and have the biggest hearts. Can’t wait to be of help in the future to them!

If you are interested in Supporting them, they are looking for lightly used furniture, art, accessories, toys, etc. for the homes.

They are also one of the non-profits you can support when you shop at!

So the things you were already going to buy on amazon now can help benefit this amazing group of people, caring and giving back so generously to our community!


That’s me, outside their warehouse, just after finishing pulling some items for their next installation (and I got to paint some art!).  


Creating homes for the homeless! I’m so grateful to this organization for letting me be able to share my skills with my community in a meaningful way. 


The amazing volunteers at Humble Design creating beautiful spaces for those in need! 


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