Kitchen Decor Tips for Your Short Term Vacation Rentals

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, since most people gather in this location- so you want to make your short term rental’s kitchen is fully stocked!

Be sure you have the following items:

Dishes- (obviously), but make sure you have the correct quantity based on the amount of guests you are preparing for, and supply extras (2 is usually good) just in case some break, or if guests use dishes for more than 1 meal and need additional dishes.

Kitchen Utensils- including enough silverware for the amount of people who can sleep in your home, but also enough for additional guests too (2-4 additional settings).

Serving Utensils- You should have at least 1 large bowl and one large serving plate as well as serving utencils. (Think thanksgiving dinner).

Spices- provide the basic spices like salt and pepper, but also provide other spices for cooking with- this could be something local too!

Oils- provide cooking and frying oils such as olive oil, canola oil, etc.

Snacks- It’s best to provide items that are fairly universal, identifiable, and non-perishable. For instance crackers, cookies and chips are great options since they don’t go bad for a long time. However, unless you are providing a local favorite, don’t skimp and buy off-brand items, be sure to provide items that are fairly well known to the masses, such as Doritos, Cheetos, Chips Ahoy, etc.

Coffee- it’s almost a ritual in the US for many people in the morning to have their “cup of joe”, so be sure to provide options, and enough to last your guests for the length of their stay.

There are many items that are needed in the kitchen, so be prepared to spend a decent portion of your budget in this room when first setting up your vacation rental. Don’t worry, these expenses are usually a one time cost!  

When selecting the decor and accessories for your kitchen, there is a lot to remember, but if you purchase my e-book “How to Use Interior Design to Increase Your Vacation Bookings”, you can get a full list of all the items needed in your kitchen!


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