Bedroom Decor Tips for Vacation Rentals

Bedrooms are the most important room as a vacation rental, for obvious reasons, this space is most likely where your guest will spend most of their time in your home. So this room really needs to be the focus of your efforts. It should feel like a relaxing oasis.

There are many things to consider such as having a light on the nightstand next to the bed for those people who may be “night owls” or perhaps may need to get up during the night, or early morning when it’s dark as you don’t want your guests fumbling around in the dark, possibly tripping over anything in their path, looking for a wall switch.

Provide lots of pillows and bedding! Keep sheet sets together by placing a neatly folded set inside its matching pillowcase or, for a pretty and functional detail, tie the whole set with ribbon. This is a small cost, but can show your guests you really care about their experience and have thought about all the details. Make sure you have extra blankets in your home, not just for the beds. Often times some guests will want to snuggle up with a blanket on the sofa. It’s always better to over deliver than to under-deliver to your guests. Extra pillows are a nice gesture as well and don’t cost very much.

Provide a place for guests to unpack. Having an empty dresser is nice, but if that’s not possible or not something you want to encourage with your guests (this is often where most guests tend to forget items they left behind after they leave your house), be sure to leave a luggage stand for your guests to easily open and access their luggage without having to leave it on the ground (plan these according to how many people can sleep in each room).

Provide privacy. This means doors, window treatments, etc. to help make the room more private. If you can, I highly recommend providing two types of window treatment; one that is a semi-sheer (providing light and minimal privacy), and one that is a black-out (providing little to no light and maximum privacy). Also, remember to supply all bedroom and bathroom doors with locks.  

Temperature controls- whether you provide a fan or heater (depending on where you live and what kind of seasons your house is in), be sure your guests are comfortable to their standards.

It may not strike you as the most creative part of furnishing your home, but storage is an important factor to take into consideration for any vacation rental. In particular, if guests traveling to your location are likely to stay for a week or longer, be sure to provide ample closet, drawer or clothes rail space to enable them to unpack and feel completely at home. Even the most minimalist rentals don’t have an excuse – there are many stylish options which can also serve as a design feature.



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