Living Room Decor Tips for Your Vacation Rental

Make sure the remotes to the TV are easy to find and navigate. The coffee table is also a great place to leave local magazines, your recommendations for guests, and a guest book (if you choose). You don’t want guests to have to hunt around the room for things they will need, so baskets or trays are also a great way to keep these essential things all in one location. This should be easily visible (often on the coffee table). Make sure your sofa has plenty of pillows (usually 2 in each corner is a good portion). Is your sofa in decent condition, and the cushions are full? If not, you may consider replacing the cushions, or replacing the entire sofa, if needed. This is often an area where you guests will spend most of their time relaxing, so your furnishings should be sturdy and comfortable. It is best to hide as many cords as you can as well to give the space a less cluttered feeling.    

Here are a few photos of my living room, which has hidden cords, bright lighting, storage, and plenty of seating options with many pillow options.  



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