How to Organize and De-clutter Your Home Part 4

Here is a Declutter Checklist for your entire home:


  • Create Space for Every Item

  • Donate Mismatched Items (Dishes, Cups, etc)

  • Toss Old Coffee Mugs and any dishware with a stain

  • Limit Water Bottles

  • Add Drawer Dividers

  • Toss Stained, Mismatched or Broken Food Containers

  • Throw out all old Spices and Expired Foods


  • Toss Old Shampoo/Body Lotion, etc. Bottles

  • Limit yourself to 2 shampoos/conditioner, lotions, etc.  

  • Limit hairstylers, and store them in a basket or under your sink- out of sight.

  • If it hasn’t been used in three months, toss it.


Linen Closet:

  • Toss old towels and sheets that are stained or frayed

  • Toss towels and sheets that don’t match



  • Tackle one drawer at a time.

  • Bundle like items together (Pens & Pencils, Envelopes, etc)

  • Shred Papers that are not needed

    • After 1 Month: Receipts, Deposit/ ATM slips, Reconciled Bank Statements

    • 1-3 Years: Paycheck Stubs, Mortgage Statements, Expired Insurance Records, Charity Donation Receipts

    • 7 Years: Tax Returns, W-2 & 1099, Medical Statements, Real Estate Tax Forms

Your Closet:

  • Have you worn it in the last 6 months?

  • Will you wear it in the next two weeks?

  • If it is Broken/ Has any holes, will you get them fixed?

  • Does it fit well?

  • Would you buy it now?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above questions, then keep it, however if you answered “no” to any of these, then you should probably toss it.


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