How to Organize and De-clutter your Home Part 3

How to De-clutter Your Home:

The best way that I have found is to clear a space- possibly in another room, on the floor and dump out all the pieces (maybe it’s just a few drawers? Maybe it’s the whole kitchen?).

Here is a starter list of things to get rid of:

  • Old or unread books and magazines

  • Expired Coupons

  • Outgrown Clothes

  • Expired Food

  • Mismatched or holey socks

  • Mismatched Storage Containers (having all the same type of storage containers makes it easier to stack on top of one another, creating more space)

  • Duplicate kitchen items

  • Expired Cleaning Supplies

  • Worn Towels

  • Worn Sheets

  • Broken Toys

  • Tools missing parts

  • Broken Jewelry

  • Old Mail

  • Expired Toiletries/Cosmetics

  • Unused Toiletries

  • Unused Toys/Sporting Equipment

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