The Best Dimensions for Your Kitchen

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To ensure your kitchen  is functional, comfortable, and safe, use the following dimensions - all of which are suggested minimums unless otherwise noted.

Countertops: 36" Height, 25" Depth

Drawers: 4+" Height, 22" Depth

Vanity Base: 32-34.5" Height, 18-21" Depth

Medicine Cabinet: 30" Height, 4" Depth

Lower Cabinets (kitchen): 34.5" Height, 24" Depth

Upper Cabinets: 30-42" Height, 12" Depth

Space Between Countertop and Upper Cabinets: 18"

You may have heard of the “perfect triangle” in a kitchen, where your appliances are located at each point of a triangle within your kitchen. For instance, look at the diagram on the right. Each space should be approximately 4-9 feet.


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