The Best Dimensions for Your Bathroom

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To ensure your bath  is functional, comfortable, and safe, use the following dimensions - all of which are suggested minimums unless otherwise noted.

Doorway: 32" Wide

Walkways: at least 36" Wide

Shower: 34"x34" Wide (36"x36" is better)

Tub Controls: 30-34" above the bottom of the tub

Shower Controls: 77-81" from the shower floor

Height of Shower Seat: 17”-19”

Depth of Shower Seat: 15”

Height of Grab Bars (in a shower): 33”-36”

Robe Hook: 60" Height

Vanity Sconces: 60”-72” Height

Distance between sconces (for optimal lighting): 36"-40" Wide

Vanity Height: 30-32" is average , but if you a tall person 34-42" might be better suited for you needs.

Sinks: 15-18" from the center of the sink to the side wall, 36" is best (center to center) from one sink to another sink, and 8" from the edge of a sink and the end of the counter for landing space.

Backsplash: Allow 8" or more from the top of the countertop and the bottom of the medicine cabinet or mirror.

Pedestal Sink: 32-36" Height

Toilet Paper Holder: 26” Height

Distance from Toilet to TP Holder: 8” - 12”from edge to edge

Toilet: 16" from the center of the toilet to an obstruction (cabinet/fixture, etc). Toilet seats are usually 17"-19” above the floor.

Towel Bar: 36" Wide Space, 48" above the floor.


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