7 Simple Steps to Painting Furniture

In order to paint furniture, you will need to follow these 7 simple steps:

1. Clean your furniture down with an neutral cleaner (I like Murphy's Oil Soap) , and remove all hardware.

2. Use a medium grit sandpaper to sand down whatever finish is already on your furniture, and make sure all surfaces have the same type of finish after using the sandpaper.

3. Use an Oil Based Primer (I prefer a spray, but if you prefer liquid you can also use that).

4. Use Floetrol in your paint (this is an additive that will help your paint stay wet longer, making all those brush strokes go away while drying at a slower rate).

5. Paint in small sections using a natural bristle brush, roller, or paint sprayer.

6. Use a fine grit sandpaper to sand down any rough patches of paint after it has dried. Repeat paint as necessary. 

7. Use a finishing wax once your furniture has approximately the desired finish will help hide any impurities. Let your furniture dry. TA-DA! You should have a gorgeous like-new piece of furniture with a beautiful new paint job.   


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