How to make your Overnight Guests feel at Home

How to Make your Overnight Guests Feel at Home.png

You always want your home to look beautiful, and inviting, but especially when guest are staying over. Here are a few helpful hints to remember when preparing for guests:

  • Have a light on the nightstand next to the bed for those people who may be “night owls” or perhaps may need to get up during the night.

  • Lots of pillows and bedding (think 2 pillows per person and a flat sheet with a comforter/duvet and a throw blanket) 

  • Bathroom Needs- Make sure whatever bathroom your guests are using is well stocked with toiletries and easy for them to use and replace if needed. It’s also nice to have extra toothbrushes, hair ties, toothpaste, etc. for guests who might have forgotten these items. Also, be sure to have plenty of towels and washcloths.  

  • Provide a place for guests to unpack. Having an empty dresser is nice, but if that’s not possible or not something you want to encourage with your guests, be sure to leave some empty floor space or a resting place for your guests to easily open their luggage.

  • Provide privacy. This means doors, window treatments, etc. to help make the room more private.

  • Temperature controls- whether you provide a fan or heater (depending on where you live), be sure your guests are comfortable.

  • Kitchen utensils- including enough silverware for you and your family, but also enough for your guests too. Nothings worse than running around your kitchen trying to find your guest a clean fork.

  • Do your best to de-clutter the room so your guests feel comfortable moving around the space.  

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