3 easy (affordable!) wallpaper alternatives

If you’re looking to change the personality of an entire room, focus on your walls. Changing the design of your walls can freshen up your home and can leave a lasting impression. Most people think in order to achieve a wall with design, wallpaper is the only option. Although wallpaper is still a fabulous choice, if you’ve ever tried applying or removing it yourself, you know it can be a hassle. There are now budget friendly (and hassle-free!) ways to transform your walls without the commitment. We found three wallpaper alternatives that will please both renters and commitment-phobes alike! Click on the image below for more options. 

Wallpaper Image Source:  Photo Source: Domino Magazine

Wallpaper Image Source:

Photo Source: Domino Magazine


My personal favorite wallpaper alternative is  Chasing Paper Their wallpaper "stickers" are perfect for renters or people who don't want the hassle of installing wallpaper.  



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