Which type of light bulb should you use?


Lighting is so crucial in a room. Some lighting can make a room look green and sickly while others can make a room warm and bright. Knowing the difference between these types of lighting will help you decide what light bulb to use in each room. 

 There are mainly four types of light bulbs: Silver Bowl, Soft Pink,  Round Candelabra, and the Edison bulb. 

Silver Bowl: Has a metallic finish on the top half of the bulb which helps soften the light, which is a great solution to overhead exposed bulbs.

Soft Pink: Just like it says- it gives a soft pink glow which makes everything look warm. Perfect for mood lighting the living room, dining room and bedroom.   

Round Candelabra: These are perfect for making an outdated chandelier look modern.

Edison: These lights have a visible filament and rustic glow. They work best in a light that has an exposed bulb. 


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